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The web site site encourages the exploration and use of technology for nonviolent purposes.
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You too can help make a peaceful world, by contributing your ideas and truths.

Human conflicts, when properly managed, lead to

  • constructive solutions,
  • increased awareness,
  • new insights, and
  • growth.

Conflicts, when improperly managed, lead to

  • frustration,
  • rage,
  • violence, and
  • more violence.


Human civilizations have demonstrated both violent and nonviolent approaches to conflict.

It is our choice.

We have seen amazing examples of world wide cooperation (e.g. world trade, eradication of smallpox, the Apollo program that placed a human on the moon - to name just a few).

Our recorded history tends to document improperly managed human conflict (e.g. conquests, civil wars, world wars) as if to say "Please learn from these negative examples." Yet even today we still attempt to resolve human differences with tools of violence.

Modern science and technology has enabled humans to develop horrendous weapons of mass destruction - so destructively powerful that war is now obsolete. It is no longer a sane means of dealing with human conflicts.

Thus we have come to a cultural crossroad as a species - we can lay on our backs and slide down the slippery path of self destruction and contribute to our own extinction.

Or we can stand upright and take the more difficult, but rewarding climb to a plateau of nonviolent conflict management - from there we will see a higher plane of cooperation that can allow life to evolve into a more harmonious future. 

Premise 1

GIVEN: Modern science and technology were used to develop violent weapons of mass destruction.

THEREFORE: Modern science and technology can also be used to develop ideas & tools for mass cooperation - a cooperation that is yet unimagined.
(do you agree or disagree with this premise?)
Premise 2

GIVEN: Our military has an arsenal of tools for their job. These tools are continuously updated and tested to be effective in what they do.

The military units around the world have millions of people trained and highly skilled in the expert use of these tools.

The military maintains an intelligence gathering capability that is critical to its success.

The military prepares detailed plans of action (with several alternatives and contingency plans) to deal with a given conflict.

The military expends effort to anticipate future conflict scenarios, so they are prepared in an unpredictable world.

THEREFORE: There is no reason why we can not assembly a parallel group of people equipped with appropriate tools for nonviolent conflict management.

There is no reason why we can not have hundreds of thousands of people trained and highly skilled in the expert use of nonviolent conflict management - around the world

There is no reason why we can not maintain an intelligence gathering capability needed to identify emerging or potentially dangerous conflict situations before physical violence has occurred. The intelligence gathering system for nonviolent conflict management need not be secret or covert. We need to simply become conscious of people in extreme stress, whose basic human rights are being violated, etc. Without relief or redress, these conditions will continue to escalate to where armed force may be the only recourse. We are beginning to understand the "risk factors" that evolve into violent behavior and the information we need to constructively manage conflict.

There is no reason why we can not prepare detailed plans of action for early nonviolent intervention - before the conflict situation escalates into violence. For every conflict situation that is recognized early and constructively managed, we have one less situation where our police officers and armed forces need to be put in harm's way.

There is no reason why we can not anticipate future conflict situations that may escalate into violence and become proactive in constructively managing these situations.
(do you agree or disagree with this premise?)

Premise 3

GIVEN: Military units around the world excel at what they do. Currently, the U.S. Military is probably the best in the world. They train hard. They are dedicated. They consider it an honor to serve their country in this capacity. They have the best technological tools to carry out their mission. Roughly 3% of the U.S. GDP is devoted to military effort (~ $300B annually).

THEREFORE: Nonviolent conflict managers can learn from the success of the military. They must have a comparable level of dedication and training. The ideas and tools they use must be the best available and thoroughly tested to assure they perform properly. Only then can we expect to provide effective nonviolent alternatives to war.

"The abolition of war does not require anti-war, anti-military lobbies or demonstrations and protests, but the development of effective nonviolent alternatives to military struggle."
- Gene Sharp

The development and application of effective nonviolent alternatives will result in fewer conflicts that escalate to where we must put our armed forces in harm's way.

We do not envision eliminating armed forces, but rather we do envision sensing escalating conflict situations early so that we can seek understanding and justice before human frustration leads to anger, rage, violence, and the need for military intervention.
(do you agree or disagree with this premise?)

What can we do?

Perhaps we as individuals can start by practicing nonviolence within our own hearts and minds so we do no harm to ourselves, then extent those same thoughts and practices to our families and friends. Having the confidence that nonviolence can be an effective alternative in our personal lives, continue to extend these concepts to the larger community and piece by piece, build a world that is without war.

Perhaps we as a country can be a global leader in this field and actively pursue nonviolent alternatives with the formation of a government entity such as a Department of Nonviolent Alternatives or the Department of Peace, proposed by U.S. House Rep. Kucinich
Those of us who enjoy freedom of thought and action have an inherent responsibility to use these privileges to seek effective nonviolent ideas and tools to build a world without war.

Please submit your own observations, thoughts, questions, answers, positive examples, heroes, words of wisdom, etc - we will try to make your contribution visible for others to see.

Diverse inputs are encouraged. Opposing viewpoints are encouraged.

Use of this Web Site
  • This Web Site is intended for the use by both youth and adults.
  • Diversity is not only valued but essential - it is initially being developed in English only as a place to start.
  • Because there appear to be adequate forums for violence in our global society, this web site is limited to the promotion of nonviolent human endeavors.
  • Because it has been demonstrated that nonviolent conflict management skills can be learned at nearly any age, this site seeks to identify and promote those educational resources that can help young and old learn about alternatives to violence.
  • This site is intended to be a cooperative effort, with ideas, tools, and observations from anyone who is concerned about violence in our societies.
  • Because space on this site is limited, only constructive materials will be included. It is now time to get beyond blaming, beyond criticizing, beyond regretting, beyond revenge - it is time to look ahead and move forward.
The site promotes nonviolent entertainment for youth and provides resources for youth to learn conflict management skills. The site is also intended for the cooperative efforts of adults to learn and help build a world that includes effective alternatives to military struggle. Violence in our homes, our schools, our workplace, our cities, our nation states, our world appears to come as a surprise only because of our collective insensitivity to the pain of others. Until we are more sensitive to human frustrations, that grow into anger, and then rage and violence, we will continue to be surprised.

CMS was organized to support those we strive to manage conflict nonviolently. CMS believes that technology can be used constructively to promote nonviolent behavior

  • e.g. Technology can help humans communicate and relate to each other. Communication supports an essential step in conflict management - fact finding.)
  • Technology can provide interactive experiences that sensitize us to the plight of our fellow humans (in contrast to the use of technology to desensitize troops placed into battle conditions)

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